27 Dec, 2016

Compromised Ads Lead Visitors to Install App from The Google Play Store

How to avoid malicious ads that redirect you to the Play Store. Learn how Quttera can help you protect your website from phishing and unwanted apps.
Ads have been spreading all over the internet starting from any social networking sites to almost everything. Some ads are plain and straightforward, and some are horrific and disturbing. Like this one that we got just last week. When we checked a link, it showed these images below:
And it will take you to the Play Store to download an app. If you are still unaware, along with the helpful and useful apps the Google Play Store is infested with a lot of malicious apps. Commission is paid to the creators of this type of Ads for every user they can get to install the app. A standard ad with redirection will bring you back to the original site that you are currently browsing, but this one is not. This type of ad behavior is being used rampantly over the internet to trick users into installing the app to earn money. Any particular ads that redirect to an app that wants to get installed in the system are probably harmful, and if you are not careful, you could download malware.

Upon investigation of the site, it was being used strictly for phishing purposes. We at Quttera, are flagging this type of phishing sites to protect our customers from phishing and potentially unwanted apps.
Is your website flagged for malware, blocked by the search engines or disabled by the host?
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