4 Jan, 2018

Crypto Mining Malware on Popular Code Repositories

Learn how hackers use GitHub and other code repositories to spread cryptocurrency mining malware, and how to protect your website from this threat.
Cryptocurrency mining malware is gaining popularity among hackers. Attackers are now using GitHub repositories and other well-known repositories for storing and serving the malicious code. On GitHub, the free accounts are being created to commit the obfuscated code and to use it in the injection later. The encrypted infection usually disguises itself as a legitimate jQuery or other familiar library files. It looks like in 2018 this new security threat - cryptojacking is here to stay. With the explosion of the cryptocurrency, it will become a significant part of the global web malware landscape. We expect that cyber-criminals will continue hijacking websites and visitors' systems to exploit them as the free power and computing resources.
Let's have a look at the code that was recently detected by ThreatSign website security monitoring and later appeared to be another cryptocurrency mining infection.

Malware Analysis
The common infection is placed in the themes header file:
Once decrypted, a connection to GitHub will take place to download a file:
The content of the downloaded file from GitHub:
MD5 : D7A539C0E2F1DAC800030CAB72C3A968
And once you follow the decryption routine to uncover the content of the file, it should look like this:
Notice on the script above, the first active line of the code (which hides inside a common JavaScript file) is the one that is responsible for the throttling of the visitor’s CPU for mining:
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