28 Jun, 2021

How Quttera's Website Security and Malware Protection Services Deliver More Value to You

Maintain website security for all the CMS you manage, all on one platform. Quttera ThreatSign! simplifies malware protection with two WAF options and a server-side scanner that lets you protect your cybersecurity with one tool.
What does it take to manage a website? You'll need to host it as well as organize your content via a content management system (CMS). For organizations that have multiple websites or agencies that manage multiple website portfolios for their clients, they may have these services spread out across more than one platform. This can lead to a lack of organization and clarity in how your sites are handled by your team members. It can also prove costly, as you need to pay for licenses to these platforms, affecting your bottom line. And of course, one of the most important aspects of managing your sites is maintaining proper website security.

When you have multiple websites on multiple platforms, ensuring their safety can be challenging. If you have one provider to manage security for all of your websites, the process gets a lot easier to understand and handle.

Quttera helps demystify that process. Our goal is to develop and provide platform-independent tools that can protect any number of websites. It doesn't matter how many hosting or CMS platforms you use - all your security needs for all of your websites can be done using Quttera's ThreatSign! platform.

If you're looking for a way to streamline your website security in a way that optimizes value and efficiency, look no further. Below are four advantages that Quttera offers over its competitors for securing multiple websites.
What Quttera ThreatSign! does better than other SECaaS cloud cybersecurity vendors
When you partner with Quttera, you're partnering with the power of choice when it comes to your web application firewall (WAF). Our suite of services includes both endpoint and DNS WAFs. This enables you to choose which one you'd like, customizing our offering to meet your needs.

You may need a web application firewall but not want to change your website IP address, ruling out DNS. In this case, endpoint is the best fit for you in terms of Quttera WAF solutions. Other customers would prefer a free SSL certificate that DNS WAF can provide. In this case, these customers would choose DNS WAF without having to buy or install a separate SSL certificate.

In short, Quttera gives you options and flexibility.
Quttera gives you a platform-independent, server-side scanner
Our scanner can run on any PHP-based website, eliminating the challenges associated with having multiple CMS. Many CMS employ a specific server-side solution. The problem for you is when you have multiple websites using disparate CMS. This means either having to log in and out of these various CMS or limiting yourself by using the same tool for all your websites.

We do away with that problem entirely. Because our server-side scanner can run on any PHP-based website, you can use our tool for all of your sites. This creates uniformity in how you manage all of your websites' security. Forget trying to manage security through multiple platforms - Quttera puts all your sites' security under one easy-to-monitor roof.

With Quttera, you don't have to conform your platforms to ours - we take care of that for you. You don't have to change anything about how you operate your website, as our customizable security platform will accommodate your sites - wherever they may live.
Quttera's external monitoring has multiple detection levels
Identifying the right tool for threat detection means anticipating or managing threats at a variety of levels throughout your websites. You need to have both a proactive and reactive posture. If you're not proactive, you won't be forward-thinking enough to maintain malware protection and stop potential problems. If you're not reactive, you'll take too long to participate in malware cleanup you weren't able to anticipate.

That means that whatever tool you use for website security, you should have a robust and thorough ability to detect threats. Our external monitoring capability allows you to observe multiple detection levels. This includes:

A heuristic malware scanner that can detect zero-day malware infection. This is invaluable in addressing unforeseen vulnerabilities that you'd otherwise be unaware of.
A blacklisting URL scanner that checks all URLs on the website. This consistently updates your blacklisting database, keeping you safe from any new or emerging threats that may try to compromise your system.
Sandbox emulation and advanced redirection. When you encounter malicious redirections on third-party sites, you may be unaware of them initially because they're hidden. That's what makes these redirects so dangerous. With Quttera's capabilities, you can maintain awareness of any attempts for redirection when visiting third-party libraries hosted on separate servers.

A simple dashboard to streamline all website security
Quttera offers a single dashboard you can use to protect and monitor all of your websites. Do you host these on a variety of platforms? That’s no problem, as Quttera can work with different platforms and systems. When you have only one dashboard, your team will thank you; this makes it much easier to monitor cybersecurity. That translates to fewer resources dedicated to website security, which translates into fewer dollars spent.

Many of our customers manage websites across multiple hosting platforms. They may have sites requiring different capabilities from a variety of CMS or frameworks. We understand this may be the case for you as well, and because of this, we've built platforms that take that into account.

Our ThreatSign! platforms enable the management of multiple websites across multiple hosts in one singular location. We're your one-stop shop for website security solutions. You may have to use multiple platforms for other aspects of website management, but for website security, Quttera has you covered.

In short, Quttera offers you excellent value in the following ways that set us apart from our competition:

  • Choices for services that work best for your situation/team
  • A versatile website security solution you can pair with any hosting/CMS platform
  • Enhanced detection capability
  • A streamlined dashboard bringing all your website security management into one location
Quttera takes a complex problem - maintaining website security across multiple sites - and makes it simple. Imagine the cost of implementing and learning a new security solution for every website you manage. By using Quttera, you make malware protection easier and less costly than other options, increasing both efficiency and effectiveness while optimizing value for your organization.

So what are you waiting for? For more on how to protect your website with ThreatSign, reach out to Quttera and contact us today.