5 Sep, 2022

Quttera Featured as Top Brand Protection Solution on Cybernews

Different cyber threats are growing day by day, and when it comes to website security, it's essential to have the best anti-malware and brand protection solution in place.
Our efforts have recently caught the attention of Cybernews – a news service that shares everything from hacking stories to VPN reviews – as they listed our name among the best brand protection solutions.

So what could have caught their attention?

Firstly, our SaaS-based malware detection solution identifies unknown and 'zero-day' threats on websites and provides real-time warnings for organizations and businesses.

In addition to artificial intelligence, multi-layered identification engines, scoring layers, and other non-signature-based approaches to web malware detection, this technology is unique and patented.
We offer a unique portfolio of cybersecurity tools, but we are best known for our Web Malware Scanner API, a threat detection and response tool that boosts cyber security efficiency and performance for web hosting companies, multi-site owners, and cloud service providers.

If any of that caught your attention, don’t hesitate to contact us.